Sonic Youth - Bad Moon Rising (Vinyl)
Sonic Youth - Bad Moon Rising (Vinyl)

Sonic Youth - Bad Moon Rising (Vinyl)

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Sonic Youth: Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo (vocals, guitar); Kim Gordon (vocals, bass); Bob Bert (drums). Recorded at Before Christ Studios, Brooklyn, New York between September and December 1984; Radio Tokyo, Venice, California in January 1985. Includes liner notes by Gerard Cosloy. Coming as it did in the midst of the mid-80s "roots rock" trend, the title of Sonic Youth's second full-length album (cribbed from John Fogerty) and its strangely evocative front cover photo of a burning pumpkin-headed scarecrow, BAD MOON RISING almost seemed to fit in with the post-BORN IN THE USA genre of "Portrait of America" albums. But where albums by the Long Ryders or Green On Red saluted the working class or society's forgotten, Sonic Youth's idea of an American portrait included the nihilistic Manson Family narrative "Death Valley '69"--with guest vocals by poet/singer Lydia Lunch--and the nearly impenetrable "Brave Men Run (In My Family)." "I Love Her All the Time" is another highlight, foreshadowing the more pop-oriented direction of future albums. This expanded CD includes three bonus tracks, "Satan Is Boring," "Flower" and "Halloween."

  • Genre: Pop
  • Released: 04/14/2015
  • Format: Vinyl