Normandie Records is an independent record company, creative house, and online record store based in Los Angeles, CA. Founded by Erick Sanchez, Normandie Records focuses on cultivating a safe environment for artists to create freely. As a label, we strive to provide artists the support they need to navigate today’s complex music industry.

The label is named after Normandie Ave, one of the longest avenues that runs north-south through the city of Los Angeles. It's an homage to the infinite pockets of culture that create the magical Angelino energy that inspires so many people around the world, but even more specifically the neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles, where label founder Erick Sanchez began making music at the age of 13. 

The Normandie Records online record shop was officially launched Fall 2020. It is the latest expansion within Normandie Records. As an exclusive online retailer, we are excited to offer a variety of records on Vinyl, CD, and Cassette.


The Normandie Records logo was designed by Blaine Scot Prow. The first logo was used for the first year of the label's inception, and was then later replaced by the rectangle logo resembling a street sign.

Previous Logo

Current Logo

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