Art (CD)

Art (CD)

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Art is the debut album from Los Angeles Jazz artist, Nick Campbell Destroys. Art is a dynamic amalgam of industrial Jazz-Funk music; a diverse fusion of influences spanning Frank Zappa, Nine Inch Nails, Vulfpeck, and Mononeon. The body of work is void of labels and transcends music genres. A passion project in both sound and expertise, Art was produced and arranged by Nick himself. Featuring Nigel Hall, Swatkins, Theo Katzman, Jacob Luttrell, Raquel Rodriguez, Michael Mayo, J3PO, Okudaxij, Antwaun Stanley.

Nick Campbell Destroys: Bass, Guitar, Synth, Sampling and Other Stuff
Jacob Mann: Keys
Jacob-Richards: Drums
Rob Humphreys: Drums
Michael Mayo: Vocals
Nigel Hall: Vocals
Steve "Swatkins" Watkins: Talk Box
Theo Katzman: Vocals and Guitar
Jacob Luttrell: Vocals
Raquel Rodriguez: Vocals
Julian "J3PO" Pollack: Keys
Danica Pinner: Cello
Jayna Chou: Viola
Rebecca Schlappich Charles: Violin
Eric "Okudaxij" Radloff: Vocals
Antwaun Stanley: Vocals

Recorded and mixed by Keith Armstrong at Pietown Sound
Mastered by Jett Galindo at the Bakery
Additional recording by Will Kennedy and Sam Brawner