Oasis - Knebworth 1996 (3LP) (Big Brother Recordin)

Oasis - Knebworth 1996 (3LP) (Big Brother Recordin)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2021 marks 25 years since Oasis' two iconic record breaking live concerts at Knebworth Park in Hertfordshire on August 10-11, 1996. The shows were both the pinnacle of the band's success and a landmark gathering for a generation of young people. Released alongside the cinema debut of the feature length documentary film of the event, Oasis Knebworth 1996 is the definitive live recording featuring a setlist packed with stone cold classics taken from across both nights of the concert, from the opening salvoes of "Columbia" and "Acquiesce, " to "Champagne Supernova, " "Don't Look Back In Anger, " "Live Forever, " an orchestra backed "I Am The Walrus, " and of course the universally loved anthem "Wonderwall."

TracksCredits - Disc 1 - 1 Columbia (Live at Knebworth) 2 Acquiesce (Live at Knebworth) 3 Supersonic (Live at Knebworth) - Disc 2 - 1 Hello (Live at Knebworth) 2 Some Might Say (Live at Knebworth) 3 Roll with It (Live at Knebworth) 4 Slide Away (Live at Knebworth) - Disc 3 - 1 Morning Glory (Live at Knebworth) 2 Round Are Way (Live at Knebworth) 3 Cigarettes & Alcohol (Live at Knebworth) 4 Whatever (Live at Knebworth) - Disc 4 - 1 Cast No Shadow (Live at Knebworth) 2 Wonderwall (Live at Knebworth) 3 The Masterplan (Live at Knebworth) - Disc 5 - 1 Don't Look Back in Anger (Live at Knebworth) 2 My Big Mouth (Live at Knebworth) 3 It's Gettin' Better (Man!!) (Live at Knebworth) - Disc 6 - 1 Live Forever (Live at Knebworth) 2 Champagne Supernova (Live at Knebworth) 3 I Am the Walrus (Live at Knebworth)

  • Released: 11/19/2021
  • Genre: Rock
  • Format: Vinyl