Bjork Homogenic

Bjork Homogenic

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Personnel includes: Bjork (vocals, keyboards); Gavin Wright, Wilf Gibson, Peter Oxer, Roger Garland, Jim McLeod, Ben Cruft (violin); George Robertson, Peter Lale, Roger Chase, Bill Hawkes (viola); Martin Loveday, Helen Liebmann, Paul Kegg, John Tunnell (cello); Helen Tunstall (harp); Alasdair Malloy (harmonica); Yasuhiro Kobayashi (accordian); Jeff Bryant (horns); Mark Bell (keyboards, programming, drum programming); Guy Sigsworth (keyboards, clavichord, organ); Chris Laurence, Paul Pritchard (bass); Steve Henderson (timpani); Frank Ricotti (military snare); Trevor Morais (electronic drums); Markus Dravs (programming, drum programming); Richard Brown, Marius DeVries, Howie B. (programming); The Icelandic String Octet.
Producers: Bjork, Mark Bell, Guy Sigsworth, Howie B.
HOMOGENIC was nominated for a 1998 Grammy for Best Alternative Music Performance.
"Bachelorette was nominated for the 1999 Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video.
As one of modern music's most enigmatic and consistently entertaining personalities, Bjork has never shied away from the edge. Whether making straight ahead dance music, exploratory modern rock, or even show-tune-caliber drama, her vision has always remained innovative and original. Her voice jumps, in the space of a syllable, from a kitten-like purr to a banshee's howl, and is never anything less than captivating. HOMOGENIC, her latest musical endeavor, finds her plunging headlong into electronica, a form well-suited to her intense, offbeat phrasing and tone.
From the skittering breakbeats and ghostly wails of the opening "Hunter" to the all-out electronic crash that is "Pluto," HOMOGENIC explores the melding of human and machine. The drama of "Bachlorette" finds a lush, rich string section following a tripping electronic beat, giving way to the Icelandic wonder's trademark wail. The juxtaposition of thoroughly modern sounds with conventional elements, such as symphonic arrangements, pipe organ, and accordion, form a central theme, to which HOMOGENIC's title undoubtedly refers. On HOMOGENIC, the traditional and the technological find their meeting point in Bjork's soaring, otherworldly voice.

  • Released: 12/11/2015
  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: Vinyl