Emerging from the vibrant city of San Salvador, El Salvador, Gabriela Triste has been captivating listeners since her debut single "Frutsi!" burst onto the scene in 2020. Prior to gracing streaming platforms with her original music, Gabriela Triste garnered a devoted following on YouTube, where her engaging vlogs seamlessly blended K-Pop and fashion. Her distinctive and unconventional approach to content creation has endeared her to fans, forming a dedicated and eagerly awaiting fan base.

In 2021, Gabriela Triste unveiled her debut EP, "Triste," featuring beloved tracks initially introduced on her YouTube channel as raw demos recorded on her phone. Later that year, her single "Frutsi!" earned a coveted placement on the Netflix original series "Gentefied," propelling Gabriela Triste into the spotlight as a rising artist to watch. Gabriela Triste's unique brand of Latin Pop has been prominently showcased on respected platforms like KEXP, KCRW, Dublab, Remezcla, and numerous others worldwide.