Terrace Martin - Dinner Party LP [Explicit Content]

Terrace Martin - Dinner Party LP [Explicit Content]

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The debut release from the jazz and rap super group consisting of 9th Wonder, Kamasi Washington, Robert Glasper, and Terrace Martin.

Sounds of Crenshaw – (SOCW567.1)


While Terrace Martin & Robert Glasper were on tour together for the R&R project, both artists questioned one-another as to how they could take their music to another place while working side by side to create a new form of contemporary Jazz that would resonate with fans of older and newer forms of black music. Soon after, they approached 9th Wonder to bring his production aesthetic to the mix, adding a harder more hiphop/DJ element to the music. Bringing longtime friend and collaborator Kamasi Washington into the fold would further add a level of technical excellence and musicianship that would solidify the four-artist partnership... culminating in 'Dinner Party', an incredible collaborative work.

Sounds of Crenshaw - (SOCW567.1)