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Mother Love Bone: Stone Gossard, Bruce Fairweather (guitars), Andrew Wood (vocals, piano), Jeff Ament (bass), Greg Gilmore (drums).
Producers: Terry Date, Mother Love Bone, Bruce Calder, Mark Dearnly.
Recorded at The Plant, Sausalito, California in fall 1989; London Bridge Studio, Seattle, Washington in winter 1989.
All songs written or co-written by Mother Love Bone.
This contains the APPLE LP and the SHINE EP.
Personnel: Andrew Wood (vocals, piano); Bruce Fairweather, Stone Gossard (guitar); Greg Gilmore (drums).
Audio Mixers: Mark Dearnley; Tim Palmer.
Recording information: London Bridge Studios, Seattle, WA; Plant Recording Studios, Sausalito, CA.
Photographers: Lance Mercer; James Bland.
It wasn't death but life that brought Mother Love Bone to the attention of the world in the end. Andrew Wood's premature passing was a personal tragedy to all who knew him and to the band's hometown fanbase, but the group had barely made a mark beyond the Shine EP, and Apple was less a debut album than a memorial. But when Seattle's music took over the commercial stratosphere, with Gossard and Ament steering Pearl Jam to undreamed-of heights, it was inevitable that a re-release would occur -- something further confirmed when "Crown of Thorns" became one of the many radio hits from the soundtrack to Singles. For all the after-the-fact money-making thanks to Polygram, about the only thing that makes it a rip-off to the earlier fans is the inclusion of one unreleased track -- "Lady Godiva Blues," which sounds more than a little like one of the Cult's neo-boogie efforts circa Electric. Wood certainly has Ian Astbury's gift of gab and vocal projection, though it's likely Rick Rubin would have recorded the guitars a lot more forcefully; either way, it's not essential for those who have everything else already. For newcomers, though, this collection is all that is needed, compiling as it does the full contents of both Shine and Apple into one package. The second disc only contains the Shine take of "Capricorn Sister" and "Lady Godiva Blues" itself; given the presence of numerous demos on bootlegs, including a version of Argent's "Hold Your Head Up," it seems a lot more could have been added. It's a fairly minor quibble, though, given all the fine music, whether it's the stomp of "Holy Roller" and "Half Ass Monkey Boy" or the fragile beauty of "Stargazer" and "Crown of Thorns." Ament's amusing but heartfelt liner notes, complete lyrics, and a slew of pictures of Mother Love Bone memorabilia help round out the release. ~ Ned Raggett

  • Released: 09/22/1992
  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: CD