Episode 1: Una Industria

Episode 1: Una Industria

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Launched in 2018, Somos Arte is a multinational initiative designed to bring visibility to the creative communities of El Salvador. Our team is made up of both Salvadoran and Salvadoran Americans, creating an environment of learning and organic community building. Currently, our goal is to complete a documentary series covering a variety of topics within Salvadoran culture.

Founded by Erick Sanchez & Normandie Records, LLC


The Somos Arte NFT S1 collection was created to give community members an opportunity to own a piece of this project. Somos Arte: The Creative Movement of El Salvador has always been an independent project funded by the people involved and the community that supports it. With new technological innovation, the documentary series, merchandise and exclusive art can now be owned by those who believe in the core values of this project.

Somos Arte is a project that will live on for years to come. The goal will always be to bring more visibility to Salvadoran creatives and storytellers while engaging a proud and growing diaspora.

Somos Arte NFT S1 tokens celebrate Episode 1 of the series. The episode, titled “Una Industria” features podcast host Gloria Figueroa. After 19 years of not visiting El Salvador, the home country of her parents, she reconnects with her roots and she discovers a buzzing arts scene in the capital city of San Salvador. Throughout the episode, she navigates through the different creative hubs, and interviews musicians, producers, managers, DJs and artists.

Somos Arte NFT S1 token holders will receive future airdrops, access to token gated content, and will receive free merchandise including our Support The Art of El Salvador series. Innovative NFT and blockchain technology allows those who hold a Somos Arte NFT to either keep them in their digital wallets or sell on secondary marketplaces. As we look towards the future, we envision a relationship with the community that allows them to earn and grow with Somos Arte by providing opportunities for holders to gain from digital assets.

The Somos Arte NFT S1 collection will live on the Solana blockchain. Why Solana? We feel Solana gives supporters a much easier experience to own our digital tokens. With almost no gas fees and an environmentally efficient network, it seems like the most comfortable path. To learn more about Solana visit https://solana.com/